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i'm 17, english and i like a lot of bands, and comedians, i also like capturing the moment, so the memories last forever

Just got my nose pierced and I am in love #nosepiercing

@tomparkerofficial was amazing yesterday at #totalaccesslive so happy I got to see him again even if he was only on for a couple of minutes

Rizzle kicks were amazing last night AMAZING!!!🙌👌 #totalaccesslive

Met ollie marland today at total access live great day and great guy🙈 and thanks for the picture ollie!😂

I do miss the wanted a lot😔 @birdspotting @tomparkerofficial @nathansykes @sivakaneswaren @maximillianthewanted

Went for a cute little walk and picnic last night by the lake🌑⭐️
So it’s hot outside for once☀️
Hello my names charlotte and I like collars a lot✌️
I miss him a lot😭 @nathansykes
he could win awards on how sassy he is😂
Has this honestly just happened from the sass master my phone has only just gone back to normal 😂😂🙌 @joelpeatstagram